Webinar Event

An Introduction to the Life and Teaching of Adi Da Samraj

This introductory webinar is for anybody who has newly discovered Adi Da Samraj and His Teaching.
The 1 hour webinar is a great follow up for those who have also seen the Conscious Light film and are curious to learn more about Adi Da Samraj and what is different about the way he offers. You are welcome to ask questions, or just listen in!
Sessions include short video footage of Avatar Adi Da discoursing on various subjects and students of his speaking about their personal experience of their relationship to him. These webinars are FREE. All are welcome!

Events are currently offered in English and Spanish (with “question translators*” present for Europe events).

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North America – English

Date Time
Sunday, November 20 10am Los Angeles, 11am Denver, 12noon Chicago, 1pm New York

Spanish – Europe/S. America

Date Time
Sunday, 20 November 7:30pm Madrid, 3:30pm Buenos Aires/Montevideo, 1:30pm Bogota, 12:30pm Mexico City

Europe/UK – English*

Date Time
Wednesday, 23 November 8pm Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris, 7pm London

Italian – Europe

Date Time
TBA Events Returning in 2023

India – English

Date Time
TBA Events Returning in 2023

* For non-English speakers attending European events, there will be translators available to ask and answer questions for you.

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