Follow-Up Events

Join us for an online conversation with long-time devotees of Avatar Adi Da to talk about the Conscious Light film, including short clips from the film and an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about him, his Teaching and the way of life he recommends. Offered in multiple languages.

Register for Follow-Up Events

Language/Location Date & Time
English – US/UK Sunday, Dec. 6
11:30am Los Angeles, 7:30pm London
English – India Tuesday, Dec. 8
7pm India
English – Australasia Sunday, Dec. 13
6:00pm Auckland, 4:00pm Sydney/Melbourne, 1pm Hong Kong
French Sunday, Dec. 13
7:30pm Paris, 3:30pm Montreal
German Thursday, Dec. 17
7:3opm Berlin

We’re taking an hiatus until January 2021 when we’ll be back with more events! Please check back soon to register for these new events. Happy Holidays!